TachyonS Sample Editor VSTi/AU

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Windows XP/Vista/7
1 ghz processor or better
512 mb RAM or better
VST2.4 host software with 32-bit support

OSX 10.4 Tiger or higher
1 ghz processor or better
512 mb RAM or better
VST2.4 or Audio Unit host software with 32-bit support


Tachyon Studio is a complete solution for creating sample libraries for Tachyon Engine products. It contains a full sample keymapping editor and patch parameter editor in addition to the multi and FX editing screens in TachyonP.

Sample libraries created in TachyonS can be "tagged" with descriptive information to allow users to easily find and organise library material within the built-in browser. Your sample libraries can be supplied as small files alongside unencrypted source material for easy addition to existing CD-ROM products, or as fully encrypted compressed  files for secure distribution.

TachyonS is only available as part of a Tachyon Engine licensing deal.


See the main Tachyon Engine page for full details.


TachyonS is compatible with the latest VST2.4, Audio Unit and RTAS host programs for Windows and OSX computers. A standalone version is also available.

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