Tachyon Virtual Sampler Engine

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Muon Software Ltd's proprietary Tachyon Virtual Sampler Engine technology has been developed and refined over the last five years and is a complete, integrated solution for developing sample library based virtual instrument products.

Specifications for the basic engine are given below, however the engine is fully customisable to our clients exact needs.

1. Loads the following sample formats
- WAV/AIFF up to 32-bit float
- Extracts start and end loop points plus MIDI unity note data from files.
- Uses marker information in ACID wave files and Apple Loop files.

2. Fast transposition algorithms
- Various forms of interpolation are available.

3. Powerful Synthesis Features
- All synthesis processing is done at 64-bit precision for better sound quality.
- 3 ADSR (Amp, Pitch, Filter) per voice.
- 3 LFO (Amp, Pitch, Filter) per multi-timbral part.
- LFOs can sync to song tempo with multiple trigger modes.
- 10 resonant filter types.
- Intelligent optimisation of unused synthesis modules means excellent CPU efficiency.
- Full automation via MIDI CC messages with easy auto-assignment "MIDI learn" feature.
- Eight virtual "Quick Edit" controls can be assigned to any patch parameters to simplify user editing of library patches.

4. Intelligent Voice Allocation
- Unique, smart voice-stealing algorithm intelligently ensures that  the voice that the user will least notice being stolen is re-used.
- Click-free "micro-crossfade" engine means user can greatly reduce polyphony without glitches, even when using the sustain pedal.

5. Up to 16-part multi-timbral
- Each multi timbral part has own mixer strip with gain, pan, FX sends etc.

6. Built-in Multi FX processors
- Four separate FX engines per instance (configured as two inserts, and two aux-sends).
- Wide selection of very high quality but efficient 64-bit FX processes.
- FX Processors intelligently "shut down" when not in use to save CPU bandwidth.

7. Built-in multi-channel MIDI groove engines
- One MIDI Groove Engine for each multi-timbral part.
- All MIDI groove engines auto sync with host tempo.
- Automatically extracts MIDI data from REX/REX2/ACID wave/Apple Loop files.


8. Advanced File Management
- Intelligent file change/move detection and user-specified "search paths" mean no more searching for missing samples.
- Total recall of all bank data in all supported host sequencers with minimal impact on host song save times or host song file sizes.

9. Powerful File Browser
- Browser can detect all file types that can be loaded by player and integrate into a patch database.
- Patch database can be displayed on screen in a dynamic patch-selection menu or client-specified browser window.
- High-speed disk scanning with intelligent caching and file change/move detection for transparent operation.
- Browser can be configured to use patch meta-data "tags" such as Genre, Producer, Patch Type, BPM etc. or work as a simple disk file/folder display.

10. Copy Protection
- User-friendly challenge/response authorisation with simple web-site registration backend.
- Audio data compression ensures that individual audio files cannot be "ripped" from library files – and makes patches up to 50% smaller.
- Compressed audio data is encrypted so that only authorised computers (with suitable license file in place) can read it.
- Additional security can be added to the client's specification.

11. Easy Library Compilation
- Imports many common sampler formats such as REX, RX2, Apple Loop, ACID Wave, Akai S1/2/3/5000.
- Client can define custom meta-data "tags" to include in patch files such as Genre, Producer, Patch Type, BPM etc.
- Library compilation is script-driven and can be automated.
- A full content-editing and management application is available.

12. All Major Plug-in Platforms Supported
- Windows XP 32-bit/Windows Vista 32-bit/Windows 7 32-bit
- Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger/10.5 Leopard/10.6 Snow Leopard 32-bit
- Steinberg VST 2.4 Plug-in format
- Apple Audio Unit format
- Digidesign RTAS format
- Standalone Application format

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