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Satellite Pro VSTi/AU/RTAS

Satellite Pro VSTi/AU/RTAS

Client Details
Samplebase is a website dedicated to providing musicians with immediate access to an ever-expanding catalogue of inspiring sounds. Working in partnership with ILIO, they are an independent company based in Southern California. They are run by professional producers, DJ's and musicians who have been producing and creating music for years.

The Project
The Samplebase team contacted Muon Software to develop a virtual sampler instrument that could be used in both their content creating process and to distribute  to their customers.

The Result
Satellite Pro is a complete sample editing solution based on a customised Tachyon Engine core, with a rich custom GUI using the Samplebase team's own designs and graphics..

Samplebase also wanted to extend the engine's capabilities to add Z-Plane's premier Elastique Solo  timestretching algorithm and their ZReverb reverb model. Numerous other customisations were also made to make Satellite a truly unique and powerful product based on the Tachyon Engine.

A special content-protection and authorisation system was also developed by Muon for the Samplebase website back-end. This unique system transparently packages user downloads to maintain license restrictions concerning copying and extraction of material, but completely eliminates the need for dongles or challenge-response systems.

For video demos of Samplebase and Satellite, visit their Youtube channel.

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