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This website does not collect data that can identify an individual computer or person.
Data concerning "page requests" generated by our web server will only be used internally within Muon Software Ltd to improve the quality of its website and products.

This information will only be used by Muon Software Ltd to supply you with information concerning its products, and special offers from time to time. We will not resell any personal details to any other individual or organisation.

We use the best available encryption and security systems to ensure that our customers' personal financial information is stored, transmitted and used both safely and responsibly. Your credit card number is never stored on our server. Your e-mail address may be used to supply you with details of other Muon products that may interest you. You can be removed from this list by mailing, quoting your customer reference.

Unless you indicate otherwise we will not use the text of any e-mail you send us in our publicity material either on this website or in other media.
Any such testimonials published in this way will not identify the sender or provide an e-mail address.

We often publish sound banks created by our customers as a service to others. The policy outlined above regarding testimonials will apply unless you specifically indicate that you wish for your e-mail address to be published.
Any sound banks or other data files (such as audio samples) sent to us will remain the property and copyright of their respective creators. Should we wish to provide them as demo files in a future release of one of our products we will contact you in advance to seek permission.

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