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Company History
Founded in 1998 by David Waugh, Muon Software Ltd has over a decade of experience developing audio software products.

In December 2000, Muon Software Ltd launched its first product, the Atom synthesiser VST plug-in which used Steinberg Media Technology AG's new VST2 plug-in SDK. Since Atom was the first independently developed virtual instrument plug-in, the company gained a significant first mover advantage in this new and growing market. Muon's subsequent four software releases received excellent reviews in industry publications such as Sound On Sound, Keyboard and Computer Music as well as a cult following among professional (and amateur) electronic music producers.

Future Publishing Plc (the UK's largest leisure publisher) approached Muon in 2001 to design and program a virtual instrument exclusively for the 25,000 monthly readers of Computer Music magazine. After the considerable success of the first release (the CM101 analogue synthesiser plug-in), Future Publishing contracted with Muon again in 2001 and also again in 2002 to develop further products for what is now known as the CM Studio. The collaboration with Future Publishing exposed the company to a world-wide mass audience and established it as high-quality provider of contract audio software development services.

In 2003 the company struck long-term deals with AMG (one of the UK's oldest and most successful sound library distributors) and ILIO (the largest distributor of sound libraries and audio software in the USA) to develop bespoke audio software products for their respective markets.

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Software Release History:
Muon Software Ltd: Atom analogue synth, Atom Pro analogue synth, Electron analogue synth, Tau Bassline MkI, Tau Pro, Tau Bassline MkII
Future Publishing: CM101 analogue synth, SR202 drum sampler, DS404 multi-timbral sampler, CM303 Bassline, CMplay sample player
AMG: ONE/Solo (loop player), Kick Ass Brass (virtual brass section), ONE (multi-timbral loop player)
ILIO: Satellite (multi-timbral sampler)
Endless Analog: CLASP plug-in suite (remote control software for the CLASP hardware)
Wavemachine Labs Inc: Drumagog 5 (drum replacement plug-in)

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